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How to address parental alienation

Some divorcees in Texas may find themselves experiencing parental alienation. This happens when one parent attempts to turn a child against the other. A parent who has been diagnosed with a borderline or narcissistic personality disorder may be more likely to target an ex with parental alienation. Parental alienation may start in subtle ways, but there are signs that parents can watch for.

How to avoid paying a spouse's debt after a marriage ends

Under Texas law, all debts accrued during a marriage are generally considered joint debts. Therefore, a spouse may be responsible for a portion of those debts following a divorce. In some cases, that person could be responsible for paying off the whole debt if the other spouse doesn't pay his or her share. This is because creditors are not restricted by the terms of a divorce settlement.

The likelihood of divorce

Couples in Texas may already know that making a marriage last can take a lot of effort. However, they should also know about the risk factors of divorce. While these behaviors and characteristics do not mean that a marriage will definitely end, they do increase the chances that a divorce may take place.

Why prenuptial agreements are more popular today

Younger people in Texas and throughout the country are waiting longer to get married. This may mean that they have businesses, savings accounts and other assets that they would like to protect from the aftermath of a divorce. Therefore, millennials are more likely than previous generations to get prenuptial agreements. In recent years, the prenuptial agreement has shifted from being unromantic to an almost mandatory part of the marriage process.

Why recordkeeping is so important with alimony

Have you ever considered what happens after someone is awarded alimony in a divorce agreement? Many people may think that the alimony is paid indefinitely, but that only happens in certain situations. Most cases will see a temporary amount of alimony paid to one of the spouses in a divorce. But beyond the time period and alimony amount, what else do spouses who have an alimony arrangement have to deal with?

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