How To Handle A Car Accident

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His commitment to trial excellence also means he knows how to protect your rights at trial. His approach maximizes the likelihood of an opponent negotiating with you fairly. Where an opponent behaves unreasonably, however, you can count on us to prosecute your case aggressively at trial.

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What To Do Now

With cellphones being everywhere these days, it is entirely possible (if not likely) that you are reading this right now on your own phone after the accident. For that reason, you should:

  • First determine if anyone is hurt. If needed, call 911 immediately.
  • Do not say it is your fault or otherwise volunteer yourself as the person who caused the accident. Until a thorough investigation is performed, you do not know whose fault it is or what factors contributed to the cause of the accident.
  • If possible, move your cars to the side of the road for safety purposes.
  • Once you are safe, you can then exchange insurance and vehicle identification information (license plate number, make, model) with the other driver.
  • Again, assuming it is safe to do so, take pictures with your phone of the accident.
  • If anyone else has stopped who witnessed the accident, get their contact information as well in case they later serve as witnesses in any legal action.
  • Contact a lawyer prior to speaking with your insurance company or signing any documentation. You need someone advocating on your behalf who understands the system so you get treated fairly and your rights are observed.

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