Combining Family Experience With Criminal Defense

As an accomplished divorce trial attorney, our firm's founding lawyer, Henry Torres, understands how families can become involved in violence. He draws on that extensive knowledge and combines it with his experience as a criminal defense attorney to provide clients throughout the Houston, Texas, area with the representation they need in matters involving domestic and family violence, cases often involving both family and criminal defense components.

Seasoned Legal Judgment In Difficult Family Matters

Domestic violence charges are notoriously complicated. When you are facing a situation with significant gray areas, you want an attorney who holds seasoned legal judgment.

With more than 13 years of experience to his credit, attorney Torres has that seasoned legal judgment. He understands how to advise you intelligently regarding your options even when your case falls into a gray area or involves laws and practices that are still developing.

Further, we understand how law enforcement thinks. Attorney Torres has completed the statutorily mandated University of Houston-Downtown Basic Peace Officer course for the police academy.

You will rest easier knowing you are asking for guidance from an attorney who understands both family and criminal law and who holds an education in law enforcement. Whether your case involves plea negotiations or trial services to best protect your rights, we can help you. With our help, you will see when a particular option such as going to trial really does or does not best protect your interests.

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