Do I Need A Lawyer Immediately?

Why You Need an Attorney Immediately


Family law issues can be very complex and difficult to navigate. In cases where large assets, disagreeable spouses, and young children are involved, trying to make important life decisions on your own can be risky. I, Houston family attorney Enrique "Henry" Torres, am here to provide you with compassionate and knowledgeable legal counsel. With my firm, you can get the dedicated support and aggressive representation that you truly deserve to move forward in your life.

I am trained extensively on how to resolve complex family issues. Not only that, but I also stay on top of new changes in the law, constantly evolving my practice to offer the most cutting-edge and sophisticated strategies available in the field. With my firm, you can receive 10 years of honed and polished legal experience. If you give me the chance to work with you, I will put every effort into effectively promoting your interests and helping you to achieve your goals. Your well-being is my priority!

Benefits of hiring me include:

  • Depth of experience
  • Vast knowledge of family law cases
  • Sound and impartial counsel
  • Goal-oriented legal guidance
  • Relentless pursuit of results
  • Spanish-speaking services

Because most legal procedures are time-sensitive, I encourage you to speak with me as soon as possible. The sooner I meet with you to discuss your case, the more time I can devote to your case. When it comes to family law cases, experience counts the most.

Don't hesitate to call my firm today!


My mission at the Torres Law, P.C. is to provide high-quality and compassionate legal representation in a client-oriented, approachable manner. My goal is the same as yours - to help you win your case and move forward in your life. With my firm, you can feel confident that your case is going to be handled professionally and efficiently.

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