Fathers' Rights

Fathers' Rights in Texas


When it comes to family law and divorce matters involving children, it can often feel like fathers are marginalized and their significance reduced to mere financial obligations. At Torres Law, P.C., I make sure that my firm remains mindful of the precedent set by favoring mothers or even other family members where custody and support are concerned. I approach each case with the philosophy that all members of the family unit are integral to a child's upbringing-even when the parents are not married or divorced.

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For a long time, fathers were considered the breadwinners of the family and mothers stayed at home to raise the children. However, over time these roles have started to shift and parenting and household responsibilities are now more likely to be split between the two parents. Unfortunately, in many court proceedings, loving and capable fathers are still fighting against this old-fashioned perspective and find their role as a parent reduced or discounted during the legal process.

At my firm, I am well-versed in helping fathers deal with:

Whatever the legal obstacle standing between you and being the father you know you should be to your children, my firm can help. It doesn't matter whether it is the judge or your co-parent or ex-spouse who believes your role as a father should be minimized, I am ready to be your advocate and ensure that the value of your presence in your child's life is aggressively fought for.

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