Need a Modification?


Custody and support arrangements are necessary for many couples and families to continue to function in a healthy way. However, what happens if circumstances suddenly change and these arrangements are no longer suitable? Then it might be necessary to seek a modification.

Modifications are most common for divorced couples, but are possible for any family or couple that is sharing custody of a child or has a support or maintenance agreement. At Torres Law, P.C., I have assisted countless individuals and families adjust their court approved arrangements with a modification over the last ten years. Over that time, I have become well-versed in this process and am ready to handle any complication or obstacle that stands in the way of you and your family reaching a new agreement.

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Whether they are established by a couple or court ordered, custody and support agreements are carefully considered. Convincing and compelling reasons need to be presented to the court in order to have grounds for a legitimate modification.

Common reasons for a modification include:

  • A drastic change in income
  • Remarriage by one of the parties
  • Sudden change in a child's environment or well-being
  • Serious health issues of children or parents/caregivers
  • A custodial parent has given custody of child to someone else
  • Relocation of one of the parties
  • The death of a child or one of the parties

Filing a motion for modification can be complex and the State of Texas enforces a strict timeline and criteria for these actions. That is why it is so critical to first speak with a family law attorney like myself and make sure that your modification stands the very best chance at being approved. At my firm, I am ready to hear from you, review you circumstances, and determine the best course of action at modifying your custody, visitation, or child or spousal support agreement.

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