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When one parent needs to move away and wants to take the child with, the law requires the involvement of the court. Few clients understand this point and often, innocently or not, simply decide to make significant decisions without consulting the other spouse or the court.

If you are involved in a situation where parental relocation is an issue, you need an adviser on your side who understands how these matters work legally. Rather than expose yourself to unnecessary penalties or fail to protect the rights you have, work with us here at Torres Law Group, P.C. We draw on more than 13 years of experience to provide you with the representation you need.

The Litigation Firm You Need When Things Get Serious

We work with you at whatever level your parental relocation matter is situated. As an experienced divorce trial lawyer, attorney Torres can advise you intelligently and realistically as to all of your legal options. In fact, our firm goes to court every day. Equally important, he will provide you with the candid feedback you need to choose from those options wisely.

Our firm can offer you that level of representation because of attorney Torres' experience. For more than 13 years, he has assisted clients throughout the Houston, Texas, area with their parental relocation matters related to employment, education, family disputes and more.

Because we represent the parent relocating as well as the parent seeking to prevent relocation, we can advise you comprehensively. The strategies we provide to you take into account what the other side is thinking, whether it is during a negotiation or during a trial, should trial offer you the best opportunity to protect your rights. We take great pride in the preparation we provide you so you are ready for the legal process and you know what to expect.

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