Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans in Texas


Parenting plans are a required part of the divorce process in Texas. Essentially, these plans are agreed-upon summaries of how a divorcing couples will maintain parenting responsibilities and provide a stable arrangement for their child. Creating these plans can be a contentious experience and it is always critical that a divorcing parent has proven Houston divorce lawyer by their side to protect their rights and have their voice heard.

At Torres Law, P.C., I know that for so many of my divorce clients, matters involving their children are an absolute priority. I've helped countless of these individuals navigate the divorce process with this in mind, including the negotiation of the parenting plan. I know what issues to look out for in these plans and do everything possible to help my clients maintain engaged, vibrant, and loving relationships with their children.

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Co-parents are required to work together to create these parenting plans along with their respective family law attorneys. They then submit the plan to the court, where a judge will make a final ruling on custody and support matters based on the plan and what the court feels is in best interest of the child.

A thorough parenting plan should address:

  • How child support will work between the parents
  • When each parent will have access to the child (custody, visitation, holidays, etc.)
  • How parental duties will be split between the two parents
  • Any other factors that ensure the healthy development of the child

In cases where the court believes that the parents are unable to work together to create this parenting plan, an appointed parenting coordinator may be assigned to mediate the negotiation of the plan. However, even when parents no not require court-appointed mediation, experienced and assertive counsel is needed to make sure the parenting plan truly reflects the importance of each parent's role in the life of the child.

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