Paternity in Texas


Establishing proper paternity of a newborn is not only important in outlining the rights of the unmarried parents, but also for the future of the child. For unmarried parents, establishing paternity is an administrative matter of filing paperwork with the state, but when there is a dispute, court orders can be involved and choosing proper counsel to help you navigate this sensitive matter is highly recommended.

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In many cases, unmarried parents simply need to establish paternity for their newborn child. This is considered "voluntary" establishment and is most often achieved by both parents signing and filing an "Acknowledgement of Paternity" (AOP) form. Often, this happens at the hospital at the time of the birth, but in some cases, especially when a change to the birth certificate needs to made, this process can become more complicated and require legal guidance.

The benefits of establishing paternity include:

  • Gives the child access to benefits, like health care and life insurance
  • Establishes important health information like medical history
  • Shares parenting responsibilities and costs between both parents
  • Fosters a relationship between the child and both parents


When either parent wishes to challenge, rescind, or establish paternity with an unwilling party, it is appropriate for the court to get involved. Filing the correct paperwork, such as a Denial of Paternity (DOP), needs to be timely-and if you are to face a judge who can subject parents to DNA testing and other actions, it is essential to have proper counsel by your side to protect your rights.

Whether you need to take swift action to establish paternity with your unmarried partner, or you are currently entangled in a hurtful dispute over the lineage of a child, my firm can help. I have over a decade of Texas family law experience and am well-versed in the requirements to make sure your paternity solutions are both thorough and legally sound.

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