Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements in Texas


Prenuptial agreements are often a sensitive topic for couples about to wed. Few of them want to think about their decision to live life together in terms of financials - or the possibility of divorce. However, it is recommended that most couples take the time to consider an agreement with an open, honest, and pragmatic discussion.

At Torres Law, P.C., I can help you navigate this discussion, provide you and your fiancé with clear and reliable options, and draft an agreement that, if needed, will hold up in court. With more than a decade of family law experience, I know how sensitive these matters can be and have time and time again fostered an understanding atmosphere and provided thorough counsel to couples looking for peace of mind.

It is possible to establish a prenuptial agreement you and your partner are comfortable with. Contact me today to get started.


Most people think of prenuptial agreements in terms of money and assets and, broadly speaking, this is correct: these agreements designate how assets would be divided in the case the marriage ends. This becomes attractive to most couples when they realize that Texas is a community property state - which means that in the event of a divorce "the court shall order a division of the estate of the parties in a manner that the court deems just and right (TX Fam Code Sec. 7.001)." As you might imagine, this can become complicated and highly contested once a couple decides end their marriage.

A prenuptial agreement can:

  • Clearly designate certain assets as "separate" or "community"
  • Save money on potential legal fees
  • Be amended after the couple is married
  • Prevent pre-existing children from asserting property ownership in the event of the death of a spouse
  • Help couples avoid conflict, stress, and hardship in the event of divorce and property division

No couple wants to think about the possibility of divorce as they prepare for their marriage, but prenuptial agreements are not harbingers of divorce - they are simply used to safeguard each member of the couple in case the unexpected happens. If you and your fiancé would like to learn more about prenuptial agreements in Texas, then it is time to speak to a compassionate Houston family attorney.

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