Spousal Support

Houston Spousal Support Attorney


Spousal support (alimony) may be ordered after a divorce to ensure that both spouses can support themselves after the dissolution of their marriage. I, Attorney Enrique "Henry" Torres, am a spousal support attorney in Houston with more than a decade of experience in the practice of family law. I understand the difficulty of a divorce and can help you seek support to ensure that you receive the funds needed to provide for your family. Contact my firm, Torres Law, PC, to schedule a free case evaluation.


In order to qualify for spousal support, you must be able to demonstrate that you have tried to secure a source of income during the divorce process, but have had no success. If you have not been able to provide for yourself in this way, the court will look at your circumstances to determine if you should receive any financial aid from your ex-spouse. These conditions will apply so long as you were not involved in certain harmful activities toward your family.

To receive alimony, one of the following must be true:

  • You have been unable to support yourself because of a disability
  • After a marriage of 10 or more years, you cannot provide for yourself
  • Your child is disabled, requiring supervision that renders self-support impossible
  • You and/or your children were victims of domestic violence during the marriage

You deserve to be supported after a divorce until you are able to get on your feet. Contact Torres Law, PC for help securing the spousal support you need. My firm is dedicated to providing understanding service for each of my clients, and I can do whatever is necessary to ensure that the facts of your case are presented in a support hearing. Additionally, I strive to present my services at an affordable price.

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