Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce in Texas


When some people think of divorce, conflict and arguing usually come to mind. However, the truth is that many couples are capable of finding a lot of common ground when approaching a divorce. When this happens, then an uncontested divorce may be possible for the couple.

In an uncontested divorce, costly litigation is not necessary, court appearances are minimized, and feelings are spared. With the help of a dedicated and caring Houston divorce lawyer, couples can properly address all matters of their divorce, prepare all the necessary paperwork, and streamline their filing to make this process as swift and painless as possible. Over the last decade in family law, I have helped many couples do just this and am prepared to guide your divorce to peaceful conclusion today.

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Many websites will have you believe that, when you and your spouse agree on all divorce terms, that achieving a divorce is as simple as filling out a form or two. In reality, however, it is highly recommended that the couple seek legal advice on this matter. Even uncontested divorces need a sharp and thorough eye to ensure that all the proper documentation is included in their filing.

Additional documentation for an uncontested divorce is needed to:

  • Address retirement plans and savings
  • Properly decide home ownership and real estate matters
  • Establish child custody and support

While it is possible that the couple may not have to appear in court for an uncontested divorce, your filing will still be reviewed by a judge. If he or she finds that there is a lack of necessary information, or that matters are not properly addressed, complications can arise, and the couple may be called to court for clarification.


Divorce is never pleasant and always a sensitive matter for all parties involved. Uncontested divorces, however, can potentially allow both spouses to move on with their lives with as little pain and conflict as possible. To do this, however, requires experienced legal vigilance and understanding of a Houston divorce attorney to ensure your filing meets all of the State of Texas' requirements.

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