Henry and his law team worked well together to clear up an unresolved property division issue that has been lingering for so long, since I was divorced. Thank you so much to Henry for his persistence and for his professional handling of my case.

Nelson Gomez

Mr. Enrique Torres has been an exceptional attorney. He helped me WIN full custody of my children. The office staff always took the time to answer my questions and concerns regarding my case. I recommend the Torres Law Group to anyone in need of legal representation.

Ismael Montesinos

Thanks Enrique!!! My case went to trial and I didn't even have to testify! I was the defendant in the case, fighting for my kids to remain with me and as they should be!

Enrique is very knowledgable and I would hire him again to represent me.

Thank you also to his friendly staff in the office. They were always friendly and professional.


Professional, Straightforward, Hardworking, and Responsive

Mr. Torres was very helpful in explaining the various aspects of my divorce contract, communal property, was able to work with my existing document submissions (will take the entire case or from an existing point), and worked quickly to address any potential shortfalls, and sure up the documentation. He provided me his personal email and cell number if I had any concerns and questions, and asked me to contact him whenever I needed. He responded promptly to my emails, even late at night, and was flexible with my time and date constraints. Finally, he was very reasonable on his fees.


My case was for a modification of child support. I was not behind, but my children's mother wanted more money and felt like by taking me to court, she would get a higher payment. Both she and her attorney used tactics such as sending the police to my house to serve me with "increase papers" which contained no court date in an attempt to harass my wife and me. They also refused to settle with me for a fair amount even though they had all of my current financial information.

In court today, Mr. Torres fought for me and made sure I was not taken advantage of. My children's mother actually received a substantial amount less than I was willing to settle on previously. He was able to easily note where her lawyer had made errors in the orders which ended up being to my advantage. The calculations her attorney had were completely off and Mr. Torres was able to detect this and rectify it immediately.

The thing that also meant a lot to me was that Mr. Torres treated me with dignity and respect. I have found that many attorneys who deal with child support are judgmental of fathers, even if they are representing them. This was not the case with Mr. Torres. He also never nickeled and dimed us for every single conversation, email, or text as most attorneys do. I would highly recommend Mr. Torres to anyone needing aggressive and fair representation.

Child support satisfied client

Prompt and honest!!!

Enrique is honest, prompt and provides excellent service. He helped me in getting divorce in 2 months and helped me regain my peace of mind.
I highly recommend his services.