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August 2017 Archives

Accidents, injuries reduced with collision avoidance systems

Many Texas motorists are familiar with the various technological safety advances that are available in modern cars, including collision avoidance systems such as lane-departure warnings and blind-spot warnings. These systems are designed to alert drivers about imminent dangers so that they can take corrective action and avoid accidents.

Why prenuptial agreements are more popular today

Younger people in Texas and throughout the country are waiting longer to get married. This may mean that they have businesses, savings accounts and other assets that they would like to protect from the aftermath of a divorce. Therefore, millennials are more likely than previous generations to get prenuptial agreements. In recent years, the prenuptial agreement has shifted from being unromantic to an almost mandatory part of the marriage process.

Why recordkeeping is so important with alimony

Have you ever considered what happens after someone is awarded alimony in a divorce agreement? Many people may think that the alimony is paid indefinitely, but that only happens in certain situations. Most cases will see a temporary amount of alimony paid to one of the spouses in a divorce. But beyond the time period and alimony amount, what else do spouses who have an alimony arrangement have to deal with?

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