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Accidents, injuries reduced with collision avoidance systems

Many Texas motorists are familiar with the various technological safety advances that are available in modern cars, including collision avoidance systems such as lane-departure warnings and blind-spot warnings. These systems are designed to alert drivers about imminent dangers so that they can take corrective action and avoid accidents.

Researchers at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety were interested in determining how effective collision avoidance systems are for helping to avoid collisions and for reducing the likelihood of injuries when accidents occur. The researchers studied information from more than 5,000 collisions that happened in 2015 and that involved the types of crashes that the systems are meant to prevent, including side-swipes, single-car accidents and head-on collisions.

The researchers compared vehicles that had the systems with those that did not. They also reviewed what happened to the car occupants who were riding in vehicles that had the systems when accidents happened. For vehicles with collision avoidance systems, there was an 11 percent lower rate of accidents. When vehicles with these types of safety features were involved in the crashes, the occupants had injury rates that were 21 percent lower than occupants of cars without the systems.

Collision avoidance systems may help to prevent crashes and may help to make accidents that do happen less severe. Car accidents will still sometimes happen, however. When people are injured in accidents that are caused by negligent motorists, they might want to talk to personal injury attorneys who can analyze the facts and assess whether or not there are valid grounds for proceeding to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault driver's car insurer.

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