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September 2017 Archives

Daytime running lights can prevent serious accidents

Texas law requires drivers to switch on their headlights during the nighttime hours or when visibility is reduced to 1,000 feet or less, but road safety studies conducted in several countries suggest that they would be wise to turn them on every time they get behind the wheel. The number of left-turn accidents plummeted by 37 percent in Denmark after a law was introduced that mandated the use of daytime running lights, and Canadian authorities reported an 11 percent fall in multi-vehicle crashes after legislators in Ottawa passed a similar bill.

People acknowledge perils of their distracted driving habits

According to a survey from Progressive Insurance, about one-third of respondents said that they could still drive well while texting. However, 90 percent of respondents thought that distracted driving should be illegal, as it currently is in the state of Texas. This is likely because most who replied to the survey thought that distracted driving was a major cause of auto accidents. When the data was broken down, it was discovered that most drivers who believed that they could drive and text were younger people.

Providing consistency for the children of divorced parents

When Texas parents go through a divorce, the children may also experience anger, stress and a variety of other emotions depending on their ages. As such, it is important that parents work together to provide a stable home life for the children regardless of which parent they are staying with. For parents going through a difficult divorce, this can sometimes be hard to accomplish particularly when it comes to house rules.

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