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Providing consistency for the children of divorced parents

When Texas parents go through a divorce, the children may also experience anger, stress and a variety of other emotions depending on their ages. As such, it is important that parents work together to provide a stable home life for the children regardless of which parent they are staying with. For parents going through a difficult divorce, this can sometimes be hard to accomplish particularly when it comes to house rules.

One of the first things that parents should do when it comes to helping their children feel safe and stable is to get together and determine what house rules are most important. Depending on the ages of the children, crucial rules to share between households could include bedtimes, how much junk food the children should be allowed to eat and what type of video games they should be able to play.

If the parents cannot reach agreements on their own, they can work with a mediator. The mediator is a neutral party who can help guide the discussion and give the parents tools that can help them work together. If mediation does not work, the parents can go back to court. However, this should be considered a last-ditch effort as, once the case goes in front of the judge, parents no longer have any control over the final decision.

Research has shown that the children usually benefit the most when both parents have an adequate amount of parenting time. However, living in two households could be a difficult transition for the children. A family law attorney could help a parent draft an agreement that outlines house rules and other essential issues that could help the kids make the adjustment.

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