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Bendix announces new brake systems for commercial trucks

Trucking companies in Texas and across the U.S. have had their eyes on the new products unveiled by Bendix at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta. The brake manufacturer has created an electronic parking brake called the Intellipark system, which uses interlocks placed in critical areas like the seat belt and cab door to recognize when the driver is leaving the vehicle. If the driver has forgotten to engage the air brakes at that time, the system will do so.

The main benefit of Intellipark is that it will prevent rollaway incidents and possibly many collisions. By replacing traditional push-and-pull switches with a more ergonomic model, the system will also make it easier for drivers to manually engage the brakes.

Bendix has also announced a new line of spring brakes, which are said to be more durable and corrosion-resistant than previous models, and it is working on developing cost-effective air disc brakes. In addition, the company has revealed that it would update the software for its Wingman Fusion system, a collision mitigation system. It will now be able to utilize video cameras and radar to provide active braking, thus preventing rear-end collisions in emergency situations. The updates will also allow for enhanced lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control, among other features.

Unfortunately, technology cannot always prevent accidents. Whether due to fatigue, distractions or impairment, big rig crashes will continue to happen, in many cases leaving occupants of other vehicles with catastrophic injuries. If it can be determined that truck driver negligence was the cause of the crash, an attorney could help a victim seek appropriate compensation for the losses that have been incurred.

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