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The likelihood of divorce

Couples in Texas may already know that making a marriage last can take a lot of effort. However, they should also know about the risk factors of divorce. While these behaviors and characteristics do not mean that a marriage will definitely end, they do increase the chances that a divorce may take place.

According to statistics, individuals who did not complete college are less likely to remain married while the possession of a bachelor's degree is associated with having a strong and long-lasting marriage. A National Health Statistic report that was issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services in 2012 showed that female college graduates had a 78-percent chance that their marriage would last at least 20 years and that male graduates had a 65 percent chance.

In contrast, the likelihoods of having a 20-year marriage for women and men who had only a high school diploma were measured at 41 percent and 47 percent, respectively. Women and men who had attended college but had not earned a bachelor's degree had only slightly better chances for remaining married for at least 20 years at 49 percent and 54 percent, respectively.

Another factor that increases one's likelihood of getting a divorce is having not been raised with religion. The same 2012 National Health Statistics report showed that women raised as Protestant, Catholic or in other religions had a 50, 53 and 65 percent chance, respectively, of having a marriage that lasted 20 years. The chances for women not raised in religious households were just 43 percent.

A family law attorney may work to protect the rights and interests of clients who are seeking a divorce. The attorney may litigate to obtain the desired settlement terms regarding spousal support, child custody, property division, child support and parental relocation.

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