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November 2017 Archives

How to avoid paying a spouse's debt after a marriage ends

Under Texas law, all debts accrued during a marriage are generally considered joint debts. Therefore, a spouse may be responsible for a portion of those debts following a divorce. In some cases, that person could be responsible for paying off the whole debt if the other spouse doesn't pay his or her share. This is because creditors are not restricted by the terms of a divorce settlement.

ADHD medication shown to reduce car accidents

Studies have found that drivers in Texas and around the country who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents, but research suggests that people who have been diagnosed with ADHD can greatly educe their chances of crashing by taking their prescribed medications. After studying the cases of more than 2 million ADHD sufferers, Swedish and American researchers concluded that 22 percent of the car accidents they were involved in could have been prevented if the appropriate medication had been prescribed and taken.

Removing obstacles to self-driving vehicles

Motorists in Texas should be aware that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering ways to set aside regulations that limit the use of self-driving vehicles. In a report that it released, the agency said that it especially wants to focus on the self-driving vehicles that have no controls for human drivers. The agency is seeking opinions about what type of research should be conducted before decisions are made on whether to revamp or get rid of the regulations. However, because it can take years for the agency to finish the necessary research and make changes to the rules, Congress is being prompted to take action.

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