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ADHD medication shown to reduce car accidents

Studies have found that drivers in Texas and around the country who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents, but research suggests that people who have been diagnosed with ADHD can greatly educe their chances of crashing by taking their prescribed medications. After studying the cases of more than 2 million ADHD sufferers, Swedish and American researchers concluded that 22 percent of the car accidents they were involved in could have been prevented if the appropriate medication had been prescribed and taken.

The researchers came to this conclusion after comparing the emergency room visits made by the ADHD sufferers they studied with the dates they filled their prescriptions. The results were then checked against a control group made up of men and women who had not been diagnosed with the condition. They found that taking ADHD drugs reduced car accident risks by 38 percent for men and 42 percent for women.

However, the researchers concede that their study was based on emergency room visits only and did not account for fatal accidents or minor crashes. The research also considered all accidents and not just those caused by factors, such as distracted driving, related to ADHD. Road safety experts have been concerned about ADHD for some time because those diagnosed with the condition find it difficult to pay attention and control their impulses. They also point out that medication without psychological counseling may not be enough to address the problem.

Drivers are expected to take all reasonable steps to prevent car accidents and protect other road users from harm. When those responsible for causing an accident suffer from medical conditions that could affect their driving, experienced personal injury attorneys may seek to find out whether not taking their prescribed medications before getting behind the wheel could be considered negligence.

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