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Divorces may be likelier if certain factors are present

A number of marriages end in divorce each year. People in Texas may wonder whether certain factors increase the likelihood that they will divorce, and researchers have found that a number of things can predict divorce.

According to a recent study, couples who have unequal divisions of labor are likelier to have their marriages end in divorce. This is especially true when the husbands are unemployed or only work part time. Researchers found that people who get married after age 32 or in their teens are also much likelier to get divorced.

There are several other factors that are predictive of getting divorced. For instance, people who withdraw in the face of conflict have a higher chance of divorcing. Those who are contemptuous of their spouses or who speak about their relationships negatively are also likelier to get divorced. Interestingly, newlyweds who are overly affectionate toward each other are likelier to divorce than are couples who are less affectionate.

Most people do not get married with the belief that they will get divorced in the future. Unfortunately, many marriages do end in divorce. When people want to end their marriages, they will need to deal with a number of different legal issues before their divorces can be finalized. Experienced family law attorneys may help their clients handle the contentious issues of their divorce cases in an effort to help them receive the best outcomes possible. The lawyers may work to negotiate full agreements on behalf of their clients outside of the court process. Many divorce cases may be resolved without the need for extensive litigation through court. When the issues cannot be resolved through negotiations, the attorneys may advocate for their clients' interests in court.

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