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December 2017 Archives

Researchers look for main causes of auto crashes

Auto accidents are always a worry for drivers in Texas and across the United States, and they're quite frequent; at least 6 million car crashes happen every year in the United States. That figure has continued to grow, with the number of fatalities escalating in both 2015 and 2016. Researchers are examining these crashes to learn more about their causes in an attempt to prevent future car accidents as well as cutting down on the human cost in deaths and injuries. Technologies that track driver behavior and detailed accident investigations are both being used in order to develop an understanding of the crashes.

Navigating the holidays during and after divorce

Everyone knows that divorce can bring about many changes in the day-to-day lives of transitioning families in Texas. However, both parents and children may find the disruption of long-standing routines especially poignant during the holiday season. Children who are bouncing between households may not really understand the legalities involved. On the other hand, parents could experience a range of emotions during what is traditionally touted as a time of peace, goodwill and family togetherness.

How to address parental alienation

Some divorcees in Texas may find themselves experiencing parental alienation. This happens when one parent attempts to turn a child against the other. A parent who has been diagnosed with a borderline or narcissistic personality disorder may be more likely to target an ex with parental alienation. Parental alienation may start in subtle ways, but there are signs that parents can watch for.

Study links Pokémon Go to increase in car accidents

In Texas and across the U.S., the smartphone-based game called Pokémon Go became a craze among players of all ages, so much so that it led to reports of people being injured and killed while playing it. A study made by two professors from Purdue University has further shown that distracted driving was a byproduct of the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

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