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Navigating the holidays during and after divorce

Everyone knows that divorce can bring about many changes in the day-to-day lives of transitioning families in Texas. However, both parents and children may find the disruption of long-standing routines especially poignant during the holiday season. Children who are bouncing between households may not really understand the legalities involved. On the other hand, parents could experience a range of emotions during what is traditionally touted as a time of peace, goodwill and family togetherness.

Newly separated or divorced parents may find it easier to navigate the holidays by focusing on their children's wants and needs. This is an excellent time to introduce new holiday traditions that everyone will enjoy moving forward. Spending time with the kids and focusing on the positives could create lasting memories that the children will cherish for years to come. When being with the kids is not an option, celebrating with extended family and friends, heading off to some enticing travel destination or finding something fun to do could help parents better manage the time apart.

Whether everyone is together or not, it is important to remember that the holidays are about the kids and not about the state of the parents' relationship with each other. This is not a time to compete with the other parent for the kids' attention or affection. Manipulating the holiday schedule to get back at an ex-spouse should also be avoided.

Although a divorce may ultimately lead to brighter days ahead, the process is not without challenges, and some families may find the holiday season to be an exceptionally trying time. Ex-spouses in Texas who are seeking to negotiate a parenting agreement may want to seek legal counsel from an attorney whose practice is focused in the area of family law.

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