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Tips for safe driving in the wintertime

The Federal Highway Administration states that nearly 1.3 million car accidents every year are weather-related. Residents of Texas who experience icy and snowy winters should know about the ways to protect themselves when on the road so that they can avoid becoming a statistic.

Ice causes many drivers to lose control of their vehicles, and black ice in particular may deceive drivers because of its matte appearance. Drivers should first of all never speed, never slam on the brakes, and never drive too close to other vehicles because stopping distance increases when roads are icy or snowy. They should allow plenty of time to arrive at their destinations so that they don't rush and become reckless. If they get stuck in the snow, they should never spin their tires but should rather rock or push the car.

The vehicles themselves must be ready for the winter. Owners should make sure that the brakes, engine, heater, defroster, and other components are functioning. They should clear out any debris in their exhaust, change the oil, and check the battery. Batteries more than three years old should be replaced. As the weather alternates between warm and cold, the tires will expand and contract, leading to loss of tire pressure. Drivers should thus ensure that the tires are properly inflated.

When driver negligence leads to a car accident, occupants of other vehicles might suffer severe injuries that require lengthy periods of expensive medical care, during which they are unable to work. People in this situation might want to have an attorney's help in seeking appropriate compensation for their losses, either through a settlement with the at-fault motorist's insurer or through a personal injury lawsuit.

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