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Car crash: Do you really need a lawyer?

We’ve all heard the news stories. There’s a major crash on I-45 with two people killed and three sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Imagine for a moment if you were married to one of those people. They’ve got spinal cord injuries and through no fault of their own, now they may never walk again. With a long road to recovery that will include multiple surgeries and hospital stays, medical bills will mount. Hiring an attorney in this case is a no-brainer.

But what about when the injuries are not so extensive? Maybe the accident resulted in soft tissue injuries, broken fingers, whiplash or herniated discs? Do you call a lawyer then?

Yes, you need a lawyer—and here’s why

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, the other motorist’s insurance company will attempt to settle your claim as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t rush to settle and you shouldn’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company until you have consulted a personal injury attorney. Chances are, you won’t be familiar with the laws or the typical compensation rates, but an experienced personal injury attorney will be.

What your personal injury attorney will do for you

In many instances, the insurance company could dispute your claim and then look to reduce the amount of compensation or deny it completely. Your personal injury attorney will be your advocate to help you with the large insurance company—and, of course, their team of lawyers. Your attorney will:

  • Help guide through the maze. Your attorney can help navigate the way through the complexities of insurance companies’ claims, police reports, medical bills and treatments.
  • Build your case. Your attorney will gather evidence, examine the police report and their evidence, study the relevant law, interview witnesses and discuss the case with you.
  • Negotiate. Many accident cases are settled before they go to court. Your attorney will make sure you are compensated fairly if this happens.
  • Represent you at trial. If the case goes to court, your attorney will challenge the insurance company’s evidence, present your case and fight for you.

With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you can pursue compensation for your injuries and move on with your life again. Your attorney is there to help you with your case—big or small.

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